Martin Coulthurst

It is true that software cannot exercise its powers of lightness except through the weight of hardware. But it is software that gives the orders…
…The iron machines still exist, but they obey the orders of weightless bits.

Six Memos For The Next Millennium, Italo Calvino

Lightness provides front-end developer skills with a focus on data visualisation. Based in beautiful Shropshire in the UK, the company has helped clients across the globe realise their ideas for over 10 years.

Lightness has worked with clients in the US, EU and Asia, from spare-room startups to national government projects, raising revenue, improving efficiency, and helping at least two companies toward million dollar acquisitions.

Projects include work for:

Lightness is especially interested in working with clients in the creation of educational and cultural projects, such as touch screen exhibits, interactive displays and, of course, websites.


Martin Coulthurst is a designer and developer with a special interest in data visualisation. He has made a virtue out of his inability to hold down a proper job.

Previous work included a focus on web projects to deliver real-time collaboration and video streaming solutions.

Martin Coulthurst read Civil Engineering at the University of Leeds and worked as an Engineer on a range of projects, including the construction of the Second Severn Crossing, and large scale computer-based hydraulic modelling work. He also read Sculpture at the University of Wolverhampton.

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