MYLO Toolkit

This project started as a four week contract with Lightbox Education (an RM company) to added an image editing tool to an existing Flash application. I worked closely with a small team including another senior Flash developer as the project was extended over a six month period.

I modified the application into a fully featured editing tool, including multi-lingual text editor, image editor and audio recorder.  The latter was implemented using Flash Media Server. The tool-kit also required that the user interface to be modified and the graphics applied after the functionality had been added.

In addition I was also involved in debugging and modifying a custom media player application.

I worked within an existing MVCS framework to add in video, text and audio tools. Data was transfered via .Net web services as byteArrays, XML and JSON.

Part of the challenge of the work was working collaboratively on the same code base. Good communication skills, source control and a sense of humour were essential.

The tool-kit was just one small element in a larger project to enhance the teaching of Modern Foreign Languages for KS3 and KS4 students from the UK government’s Department for Education. The actual tool-kit can be view on the MYLO website.