How to install Air 2.5 on Android Emulator

Short version:

  • Download and install Android SDK
  • Download and install AIR 2.5 SDK
  • copy AIR2.5\runtimes\air\android\emulator\Runtime.apk to android-sdk-windows\platform-tools
  • start Android SDK Manager
  • create and run AVD
  • from the platform-tools folder, use the command line and run “adb installĀ  Runtime.apk”

There are a lot of articles and post detailing how to get AIR installed on Android devices. The vast majority are based on using the prerelease builds of the Air runtime packages for the different versions of Android.

The latest AIR SDK (2.5) has a new Runtime.apk which needs to be installed on your device before you can run your AIR applications. Note that this works with Android 2.2 and that previous version are not supported.

Tip: for Windows XP use the PowerToy “Open Command Window Here” to simplify installation

Remember to add the android-sdk-windows\platform-tools folder to your system path. (Start Menu> Right-click My Computer>Select Advanced Tab>Click Environmental variables> Edit the Path variable in the System Variables panel)

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